Common Questions and Answers About Our Commercial Cleaning Company

Most property owners will agree that a clean property does wonders for the appearance, but when it comes to keeping it that way, it can get tough. Commercial properties require regular cleanings and maintenance, so finding the time to do the job is tricky. If you are thinking about using a janitorial service, you may be wondering if we are the right choice for you. For this reason, we, at Precise Cleaning Service, are answering some of your most common questions about our company and work process. Keep reading to find out more about us.

What kind of cleaning services do you offer?

We focus on providing our clients with commercial cleaning services that they can trust. This focus includes maintaining offices, government buildings, and working on post-construction clean-ups.

What can a professional commercial cleaner do that I can’t?

Any cleaning task requires skill and technique, especially when working on bigger properties like commercial buildings. We are a company in Gonzales, LA that comes prepared for each job, no matter how big or small it may be. Our cleaners have proper cleaning equipment, tools, and we all utilize professional techniques when on the job. This way, we can ensure the quality of our work at all times.

Do you only do one-time cleaning services?

We can, but that is not all that we offer. If you need our help on a one-time basis, we are here for you. However, if you need quality janitorial services, we can come by regularly and maintain your property, we are the professionals that you can turn to as well. We are the cleaning experts that you can rely on to keep your property spotless at all times.

What does the cleaning process involve?

While we aim to keep our clients fully satisfied with our services, our cleaning crew works first to understand your needs regarding the cleanliness of your property. Whether it is just commercial floor cleaning or working on the entire property from top to bottom, we will provide you with the services for which you are looking. Once we know what you need, we will use our top-grade materials and cleaning equipment to complete the job.

How often should I clean my commercial property?

The amount of cleaning that you should do for your property depends on numerous factors. These include the amount of foot traffic your property sees regularly, the size of the property, and even the current condition.

How long has it been since your cleaning company was founded?

Precise Cleaning Service has been in business since 2007, providing a pristine commercial property and office cleaning service for our clients.

Are you licensed?

Yes, we are licensed in Gonzales, LA! Aside from that, we are also insured and a member of the Gonzales Chamber of Commerce.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, you will need to schedule an appointment for the cleaning services that you need from us. Our janitors will do their best to accommodate you, your needs, and your schedule.

If you need commercial cleaning services, give us a call at (225) 224-0222 and schedule an appointment!

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